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  • Product Name: Spacer
  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Process Method: turning
  • Surface treatment: brass plated, nickel plated, zinc plated, power coating, painting.
  • Description: Spacer is made of carbon steel, the process is turning.

Description:  Turned part is also called turning part or machined compent,is made by the process of turning: cut the metal part by a non-rotary tool bit moving linearly whiche metal part rotate. Turning process can be operated on a lathe machine manually or CNC operated. Turning operations including: turning, Facing, Parting, Grooving, Boring, Drilling, Drilling, Reaming, Threading.

Material: 12L14

Process Method: cutting, turning, polishing.

Surface treatment: plain

Test and issue Material Test Report and Inspection Report by Hengrui before shipment to guarantee the product quality.  The test report from the third parts are also avaliable as customer's requirments.

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